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Primanti Bro’s Sandwich

I’ve seen it on Food Network (Megan watches it, give me a break)…I’ve heard it talked about…now I have experienced it (notice the sandwich south of the bald head in the picture above)…the Primanti Brothers Sandwich!  This sandwich must have

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Balancing it all

Not sure if I can put into words what I’m thinking about right now, but I’m going to try.  I just read John 9 (Jesus heals the man born blind) in my devotional time, and something popped into my head…the need

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Megan and I are in Pittsburgh at this moment.  Impressed with the city actually…a lot nicer than what I thought it would be.  Today, we had a great mtng with Nick Poole (Pastor of Church Planting and Developemnt) and Jeff Leake (Lead

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Indiana has gas…issues

From all of our travels thus far this summer, Indiana has the distinction of having the most expensive gasoline! This picture was from a fill-up of the family mini-van we made in Southern Indiana. Congrats Indiana…you have gas issues!

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First Assembly Ministries, Fort Myers

This past Tuesday, I had a great time mtng with some guys from First Assembly Ministries, Fort Myers, FL. Todd Weston, is the Campus Pastor at First Assembly’s campus in Estero, FL. Todd had some great “before you do this

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Shave anyone?

This man could really use a shave. I snapped this picture with my phone the other day at one of the Disney parks…it was Star Trek weekend…or something like that…interesting group of people at such a weekend…I’ll just leave it

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On our (Me, Megan, and the girls) way home from Florida, we stopped in at Atlanta for 2 days of site seeing there. Not sure if it’s b/c we spent too much time at the pretend land of Disney or

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I think this post from Rob Wegner is really interesting/moving/thought provoking…it’s about a pool in South Bend that used to be segregated…would be worth your read…

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Just read a great quote from Ed Stetzer… “Holiness is not the separation from sinners, but separation from sin.” What do you think?

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He’s for us, Onesiphorus

Have you ever read about this dude Onesiphorus (2 Timothy 1:16-8)? Everyone from the province of Asia had deserted Paul…deserters with names that sound like something you do in the processing of milk (Phygelus and Hermogenes…”almost done Pa Ingals…I’ve just

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