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Blogging Sabbatical

I'm going to take a week or two off from blogging…I know, I know…I'm not sure what all of you will read on the internet without my blabbing…might I suggest here or here (can't go wrong with their subject matter)?

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Updated book review thing

Just an fyi that I updated some of my thoughts on the books I’ve been reading on Sabbatical (look to the bottom right hand side of my blog)…

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Worth the price of the Ticket!

The following 2 items are worth a one day ticket to Walt Disney World's Epcot Theme Park deal… 1)    England's Hob Nob Cookies …or biscuits as they call them in England. You can only find these in the England area of

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Off-Road Disciplines – Earl Creps Part 2

Here are a couple more thoughts from Earl Creps that seemed to connect with me (italics are exact words from the book)… In talking about spiritual renewal – our spiritual renewal burned brightly in services that only church folks attended

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Off Road Disciplines – by Earl Creps

I'm about a quarter of the way through this book about being a missional leader, by Earl Creps. Here are a couple of his thoughts that seemed to connect with me (italics are exact words from the book) from the

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Jobless Dork apology

The other day I posted some thoughts about feeling like a jobless dork (since deleted)…after reading it yesterday, I thought I came across kind of harsh…I meant nothing by it other than the fact that those were my emotions at

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Dutch Splits

Something unnerving about this photo and story! Did you see this?

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