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Vote/Middlebury School Board Thing

I did my civic duty this past Monday as I took time to vote! I’ll be out of town next Tuesday, so I voted early…how about that…had no idea a guy could do that until I looked into it a

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Misc. Blabbing

Random Tuesday morning thoughts: I wish you all could have been there in 2nd service this past Sunday when we introduced the new song "Saviour King." It was like the Holy Spirit "stepped into the room" (fyi – "stepped into

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Barking Church

So I’m out mowing my backyard today, and like most visits to my backyard, one of my neighbor dogs starts barking at me. Now, let me say that I think this dog is a very nice dog (living with a

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Saviour King

This week, we are going to introduce a new song called "Saviour King" at Pathway.  Take a few minutes to watch the video here before Sunday…powerful song!

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Muffins and No More Part 2 – Message from new owner!

Here’s the scoop from new owner of Muffins and More, Tami Osborne: Hi, my name is Tami Osborn. I have been a resident of Middlebury for 18 years. I recently purchased Muffins N More and will have a grand opening

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Be Still

Be still…do you ever find yourself just wondering about the pace of life you are going at?  Mtngs, planning, thinking, scheduling, etc. In my quest to free up my schedule to spend more time with God (Sabbatical) and be still

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Muffins and No More

FYI…One of Middlebury’s only coffee spots, Muffins and More, will be closing down as of April 30th! I understand that it looks like someone else has purchased the place, but I don’t know what they intend to do with it!

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Ben Stein’s Expelled

Ben Stein’s "Expelled" opened up this past weekend…have any of you gone to see it yet? What did you think?

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It’s too hot!

Thinking about Jason’s message from this past Sunday on trials… THOUGHT – there are times we bring trials on ourselves! It has very little to do with God allowing us to walk through something, but everything to do with us

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God’s Vision for you

Perry Noble did a great job of laying out a few ways you can know if something is God’s vision or not in this post. Though it’s written to those in ministry, it covers a lot of ground for all

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