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3 Questions

Had a great time Saturday morning in Starting Point class (membership/get to know Pathway class) with a room full of you! One of the items I always try to talk about is concerning personal convictions and Biblical absolutes. Our guiding

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I’ve recently made a few changes on this whole blog thing. I bought the domain name , which will simply point you to this site ( And I gave a new title to my blog – "Good Stuff". I’ve

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SNEAK PEAK into Sunday – Dare You To Follow

This Sunday will have several different elements…one of which is a certain gal preacher that will be carrying most of the preaching load.  She is no stranger to Pathway, and someone who I happen to love to death (even when

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Cheapest Flights

A little known fact about myself is that for some reason, I love the challenge of planning travel.  I admit at times it stresses me out, but most of the time, the quest to find the best deal is an

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Deep Thoughts

Miscellaneous stuff I’ve heard/read/thought about over the past few days: Christianity isn’t about escaping, but equipping! Following Jesus isn’t about getting every follower to escape the hell of the world and retreat into the church – it’s about equipping them

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Mtng with Mr. Congressman

I talked last week about a mtng with Indiana Congressman, Mark Souder, today. Had a lot of interesting discussion…including thoughts on Obama, Clinton, and McCain. The most interesting discussion to me was when the Congressman took 45 minutes to share

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Northridge High School Pool

Went out to the NHS pool earlier today to film an illustration for this Sunday. Swim coach Joe Keller was more than accommodating, so if you see him around, tell him thanks from Scott. This Sunday’s message is going to

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Men and Sin

I ate lunch with a bunch of pastors yesterday (had a mtng thing in Indy)…one of them shared that within 15 months, 3 men in his church had some sort of moral failure (porn, outright adultery, etc.). Later on in

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Vintage Jesus – Timely Answers to Timely Questions

I just finished reading this book by Mark Driscoll and Gerry Breshears, and thought I’d type some thoughts on it… I like reading/listening to Mark Driscoll b/c he makes me laugh. Not to mention he is very well thought out

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Ben Stein’s Expelled

Just found out Expelled (read original post on this movie here) will be in Theaters April 18th! Post here or shoot me an email if you hear of any local theaters carrying it… Here’s the 7 minute long form introduction

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