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10 Warning Signs of Irrelevance

Thanks to Nate Elerton for the heads-up on this post written by Bob Pratico 10 Warning Signs Your Church Is Becoming Irrelevant 1) Everyone looks, acts, talks and behaves the same.The most frequent metaphor for the church in the New

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Acts 2

I know there are a few pastors that follow this blog…can I encourage you to take some time to listen to this podcast from Earl Creps. Wow….worth every minute of his talk on the Holy Spirit Baptism. (fast forward through

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Dare You To Move

Spent some time today talking/planning our next series that is going to kick off Easter Sunday – Dare You To Move. It’s going to have elements of drama, music, and perhaps even me in a Speedo? This series is going

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It’s going to cost you

This past week I talked about how serving others is going to cost you something. It’s going to cost you money, time, physical energy, and emotional energy, all of it. After first service, I had a great conversation with one

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Update: Expelled and Dave’s

Ben Stein’s movie Expelled is still slated for release sometime this spring, but spring is almost over! Anyone have any other information on the film? I have it from a very reliable source (Dan Balmer, fellow rib connoisseur, who spoke

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Larry Norman In Heaven

Somewhat controversial, but definitely one of the fathers of the genre we call "Christian Music," Larry Norman went to be with Jesus this morning (Sunday).  Something about this guy intrigued me… (thanks to Todd Rhoades for the heads up)

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Just Show UP!

Why are we still talking about a boy who had bread and fish, 2000 years later? B/c he showed up! One of the most spiritual things you can do to serve Jesus, and serve others, is to just SHOW UP!

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Blog Name

So, who has a cool name for my blog? Huh? Anyone? Anyone? Something other than "Scott Miller :: Pathway Blog." I don’t know why I’ve had this desire to rename the thing… Maybe…Scott Miller :: Living in an Amish Paradise

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Creativity Block

Just had a further thought on creativity…BUSYNESS…Creativity is blocked when I don’t take time to think/talk/pray about it. Whether it be concerning being creative in the way I’m a dad, a husband, a pastor, a Christian, etc, busyness is the

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How deep are you?

DEEP Perry Noble @ C3 Conference happening in Texas this week – "You’re only as deep as the last person you served." Depth isn’t measured simply by how much you know, but how much you live what you know.  Depth

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