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Replace the Thought

Was listening to Brian Houston teach on something today. He made a great point about how to stop thinking, worrying, whatever, about something that isn’t worth (or helpful) thinking, worrying, whatever, about! If the enemy can get us focused on

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Daniel Fast Recipes

Hey guys…I ran across these recipes to make while doing a Daniel Fast. Maybe save this link for any of your future fasts. Good stuff… Can I encourage you not to stop now! Keep fasting, keep praying…Matthew 17:21 – "But

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Ribs Rather Crispy

Thanks to Scott Horner for passing on the depressing news of the day…(Just joking Scott). My dear Famous Dave’s restaurant in Mishawaka had a fire last night. How about those apples. Long Live Dave’s!!!!

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You’ve got to try this…

Thanks to Art Good for posting this on his blog…this is hilarious…really, try it!

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Another Word from Eloise

Back in December I introduced you to Eloise.  Take a minute to enjoy some of her latest videos here…

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Today, I ate lunch with a friend. While feasting on the best of Rulli’s buffet, we sat there talking about our kids, our wives, our ministries, and our lives. Last week, Keith, Jason and I, took on the table nazi’s

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Sabbatical Post – Just Go and Doing the Dump

Had two interesting conversations today (Sunday) concerning my Sabbatical coming up May – July 2008… First – Just Go. This morning I talked about how Jesus said Go, and we say Come! There are things that I already do in

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