After Christmas Blabbing

Trying to get all the plastic off of all of the cds and movies we received for Christmas. Just when you think you’ve got it all off (and un-static stuck to your hands), there’s more! They’ve affixed a further security measure type sticker that you have to pretty much gouge into the disc cover to get off…how pleasant! Our copy of Disney’s The Jungle Book actually had three of those further security things on it. God bless them Disneyites.

Today, I went to the Verizon store and got Megan a new Mobile phone. I still call them cell phones, but I guess that is no longer the appropriate term. I’d like to think of this phone as a belated Christmas present. How thoughtful of me to think of Megan’s need for a new cell phone. Well, not really very thoughtful. Her previous phone was giving up the ghost. It sure wasn’t from overuse. Megan has had the same 100 minute plan for about 5 years now. She has yet to use her minutes up in one month, or even learn to get her voice mail for that matter. Text messaging is about as useless to her as a lock on an Amish buggy door flap.

Not only was her old phone giving up the ghost, but this phone was absolutely free! How about that sports fans! Hah! Some wives really seem to appreciate when their husbands spend money lavishly on them. Not so much my dear Megan. When I told her I got the phone for free, she about flipped out of the mini-van.

Speaking of flipping, it’s one of them there flip phone. I’ve got to admit a bit of phone envy. I’ve always wanted a flip phone, but never had one b/c I feel the need to have one of these geek phones. You know, one of those full keyboard types of phones that make you feel like you can really do some serious business on the phone if you know what I mean. Uh Ugh Uh (said in a Tim the Toolman type grunt way).

    Megan’s flip phone        and my Geek Phone

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