Why Pathway?

Pathway_logo_2Sitting here going over stuff for this weekends Leadership Retreat, and wondering…ah yes…wondering.  At the risk of no one responding to my request, would you answer one question?  Here it is:

What are the top 3 reasons you attend Pathway?

Post a comment to this blog post (by clicking comments right below here), or email me at scottm@pathwayag.com

If you could get this to me by Saturday’s afternoon session, that would be most delightful.  I would be glad to give you an extra hand shake on Sunday as we meet in the Narthex Vestibule. 

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One comment on “Why Pathway?
  1. Mike Holloway says:

    1. The undeniable presence of God
    2. The worship experience
    3. It’s the most fun I ever had going to church

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