Middlebury Boys and Girls Club

Bill_greene The Crystal Valley Exchange Club that I’ve been a part of for the past few years met this morning at the brand spanking new Middlebury Boys and Girls Club.  Bill Greene, the big cheese over there, gave us a grand tour of the place.  I really like Bill (even though he’s a Red Sox and New Cheating Patriots fan).  Bill’s passion for kids oozes out of his love for the Lord.  Great partnership there!

Wow!  What a great facility!  Marvelous addition to the greater Middlebury community.   What exactly is the "greater Middlebury community?"  I think I like that term, greater Middlebury community.  Let it be known that from this point on this area shall be known as the greater Middlebury community…so be it.  (As office supply stores scurry in every direction in preparation for the onslaught of new stationary orders)

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One comment on “Middlebury Boys and Girls Club
  1. Thank you Scott for your comments and kind words. I truly believe the Lord is at work in the lives of children here at the Boys & Girls Club. He called us to be “fishers of men” and I choose these waters to cast my line. I also appreciate all the Pathway members who participate in the Club, including Andrea & Linda Hersberger, Holli Nicely (she’ll appreciate that I spelled her name right) and Josh & Mandy Haviland, among others. They are all shining examples of how the Lord calls us to serve faithfully & humbly.
    I would like to invite your entire congreagation to come see the Club here in the school campus or our York Extension, either after a Sunday service or any time during the week. I truly enjoy how Pathway’s members serve the Greater Middlebury community (see, it does catch on). The Club is merely one way for His people to serve His world, and together we all continue to glorify His Name through our faith and works.
    May the Lord continue to work through you as you continue your ministry to His people.
    Bill Greene
    Boys & Girls Club of Middlebury

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