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10 For Creativity

Went through some old Pathway photos this week, and came up with some hum-dingers. We all have aged well over all. There was the picture below of one of our staff members (I’ll let you guess which one) at one

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Why Pathway?

Sitting here going over stuff for this weekends Leadership Retreat, and wondering…ah yes…wondering.  At the risk of no one responding to my request, would you answer one question?  Here it is: What are the top 3 reasons you attend Pathway?

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Middlebury Boys and Girls Club

The Crystal Valley Exchange Club that I’ve been a part of for the past few years met this morning at the brand spanking new Middlebury Boys and Girls Club.  Bill Greene, the big cheese over there, gave us a grand

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Living By Faith ā€“ The Final Post!

To whom much is given, much is required (Luke 12:48).  I think this is what living by faith comes down to for me.  I’ve been blessed (and my guess is, you have too) with so much, that I’ve got to

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I like numbers.  I think numbers speak (although I realize you can’t base everything on numbers).  I’ve been thinking about this past Sunday’s attendance numbers.  We had a total of 339 people attend our 2 services.  The number that really

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Leadership Team Retreat

Feeling swamped as I gear up for this weekends Leadership Retreat.  This is one of my favorite weekends of the year as the Staff and Elders of the church get away to pray, connect, dream, etc.  I typically leave the

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Forks Mennonite Church 150 yrs old

Now listen, if you think we charismatic people have long services, you need to take in a Mennonite Sesquentenial (sp?) service!  Service started tonight (Sunday) at 6:58pm, and was still going when I left soon after 9:02pm (wanted to see

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Just Rake

Had a blast this morning with all of you brave souls who came out to Just Rake.  Thanks to Jason for putting the event together.    Now, I must stop blogging my thoughts and dive into my Spaghetti adventure.  My

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Living By Faith ā€“ Part 2

Following up on my previous post entitled Living By Faith. So, I’m preparing my message for this Sunday on faith, and it just hits me ā€“ am I really living by faith?  I’m not saying I’m not, but I think

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New Beginnings A/G

If you are interested, here’s a link to an article by the A/G News Service about New Beginnings A/G (Nappanee, IN).

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